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Sunday, 14 May 2006

HISTORY of the Church of St. ANDREW Gladesville

We are a congregation of the Presbyterian Church of Australia.

Image Our Dedication :

 In thanksgiving to those who went before us and handed on to us a great inheritance and a rich tradition: whose memory bids us lift high the torch of faith. In recognition of the splendid opportunity and the tremendous challenge of our day, which calls forth our courage, patience and sacrifice in the discharge of our high duties. As an offering to the future generations that they may reap with gladness where we have sown; and with the prayer that the harvest may be abundantly blessed by God.

Ministers who have served :

1890-1904 Rev S.T. Dickinson 1958-1970 Rev A. North
1906-1907 Rev E.J. Thomson 1970-1974 Rev C.G. Mathieson
1911-1916 Rev W.W. Watts 1975-1982 Rev D.H. Robinson
1917-1923 Rev George Chalmers 1982-1985 Rev Valerie Sylva
1923-1934 Rev W.Pendleton Stewart 1986-1994 Rev W.A. Stewart
1934-1939 Rev F.W. Hewlett 1995-2000 Rev M.D. Cram
1939-1942 Rev T.P. McEvoy 2003+
Rev C.A.D. Hor-Kwong
1942-1957Rev F.R. Charmen  

The Foundation Stone was laid on October 20, 1888.
The doors of the completed church were opened on Saturday July 6th, 1889.

Here is a message from Rev W. Stewart, Parish Minister in 1988 for the 100 years centenary celebration:

"We need to remember that important as the building is, the church is not the building, but the people. The people who built it and cared for it in the past, who maintain it in the present and will continue to maintain it in the future..... And just as the Church of St Andrew stands as a landmark at the centre of Gladesville, let us step forward into the future with Jesus Christ as the centre of our lives. And let us go out into the community with the message of the Good News of Jesus Christ as the central theme behind all our activities"

During the 1880s the early Presbyterian people of the Gladesville district held regular "cottage" services in "Euroma" cnr Wharf Rd and Pile St. The small Protestant Hall (erected in 1865) stood on the western side of the Great Northern Road (Victoria Rd now) between Jordan and Linsley St, and it was here in 1887 that the Agent General of the Presbyterian Church in N.S.W. - Rev John Miller Ross conducted the first service.

The present site was donated by Harriet Miller from her "Sunnyside" property in 1887. The present sandstone gothic-style church, costing 1,384 pounds, was opened on Saturday July 6, 1889, so began established Presbyterian witness throughout the district. The first communicant members in 1889 were Thomas S Pidding "Euroma", Mrs Thomas S. Pidding, George Pidding "Sunnyside", Mrs George Pidding, James Park "Rutherglen", Mrs James Park, Andrew Ellis, Alexander Picard, Emily Pichard, Ellen Tulloch, John Wilson, Menie Thom and Mrs Chadwick.

Many of the pioneering settlers of the Gladesville district were of Scottish descent so it is not at all surprising that these people wanted, and spiraturally needed a church. They were strong in their faith and their united endeavours led to the formation of a strong Presbyterian parish.

The early running of the church was hard due to the Great Australian Depression in the 1890s.

Details on this page have been extracted from "100 Years of Service 1888-1988" written by Marjorie Ricketts

Copies are available at $10-00 each plus postage, phone Australia (02) 9801 0034

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