Sunday, 14 May 2006


"GRowing A Community 4 Eternity" is the motto that sums up our Mission.

GRowing our church means helping people to connect with God and His people through Jesus Christ. We pursue this goal in various ways including our regular activities like Sunday worship services, connect groups and community outreach.

Community means both our spiritual family and the people we connect with in our daily lives. In a city with more singles and people separated from families than ever before, there is a vital need for new community connections. This goal is our practical priority.

Eternity is what John Ridley inspired Arthur Stace to write all over Sydney footpaths for decades.  It is the word Sydney chose to welcome in the 21st century. It is also the perspective we can receive from God to make sense of life. We want you to share this hope.

GRACE means the generous, warm heart of God who gives eternal life to anyone who believes in His Son Jesus Christ.  We rely upon this loving God for the wisdom and power to live the life of love, with the Bible’s instructions and His Holy Spirit. We share what we receive from God.

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