Hunters Hill History
Sunday, 14 May 2006

HISTORY of Hunter's Hill Presbyterian Church

We are a congregation of the Presbyterian Church of Australia as the Parish of Gladesville-Hunters Hill. Presbyterian services were first held in Woolwich about 1885, in a hall at 86 Woolwich Rd.

There would not have been a large population in 1885. However land was purchsed at 55 Woolwich Rd, and the Foundation Stone of the present Church was laid on 8.5.1915. On 17.4.1917 the Rev. J.McNeil was ordained and inducted to Woolwich - Hunter's Hill. Sadly in 1919 Mr. McNeil died in the flu epidemic.

Ministers of the Woolwich - Hunter's Hill Presbyterian Church
The Rev. John McNeil, MA, B.Sc, BD, 1917-19
The Rev. Joseph T.Dudley, BA, 1920-35
The Rev. Bruce Galloway, joint charge with Lane Cove, 1935-40
The Rev. Arthur Brooks, joint charge with Lane Cove, 1941-44
The Rev. Frank Paton, 1945-46
The Rev. Thomas McVittie, 1947
The Rev. Duncan McDiamid, 1950-60
The Rev. Hugh McDonald, 1961-63
The Rev. Arthur W.Seal, 1963-64
The Rev. James Goudie, 1969-71
The Rev. Keith D. Allen, 1971-75

From time to time over the years, Woolwich - Hunter's Hill was served by student home missionaries. These included Alex Watt 1948, Ron Sharp 1965, Les Hewitt 1967-69.

The Manse at 21 Woolwich Rd was purchased in 1949 and sold in the 1970s. The front porch of the church was added in 1960. Mr Bridgland sold a prize pig to raise the 1,250 pounds required. Miss Margaret Downie was the architect.

On the 22nd April, 1975, Woolwich - Hunter's Hill linked with Gladesville. The parish was to be known as Gladesville-Hunters Hill. the first minister was the Rev. Desmond Robinson, inducted 12.11.1975. He left the charge in April, 1982 when he accepted a call to the Parish of Penshurst and was translated in April 1982.

The Rev. Val Silva was inducted on 16.10.1982 and demitted in 1985.
The Rev. William Alexander Stewart was inducted on 18.4.1986, and was demitted in June 1995.
The Rev. Malcolm Cram was ordained and inducted on 16 July 1995.
Two Presbyterian Ministers have come from the Woolwich - Hunter's Hill congregation :

1. The Rev. Anthony Adams, BA, Dip. Ed. Th.L.

Anthony is the eldest of the four sons of Hugh and Dorothy Adams. He attended the Sunday School and fellowship and became a Sunday School teacher at Woolwich - Hunter's Hill. Anthony was a student at Moore College prior to ordination and induction at Warren Presbyterian Church. He and Heather have 5 children.

2. The Rev. Theodora Hobbs, BA. Hons.1 BD. ALAA.

Theodora (nee Milne) was a member of the Fellowship at Woolwich - Hunter's Hill in the 1940s. She was ordained and inducted into the Abbotsford - Fivedock Church on February 19th, 1988.

Reference : Order of Service for 75th Anniversary Service of Hunter's Hill Presbyterian Church held on Sunday 20th May, 1990.
Prepared by Rev William Stewart, Robin Stewart, Marion Smith, Ferguson Library, Fiona Stewart, June Digby, Marilyn Wilkin, Marjorie Ricketts, Jan Griffiths, R.D Stuckey, Margaret Oliver, Alja Brown, Kath Christie, "The Challenge of the Years" by C.A.White published

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